Car Rust Proofing

How to Choose a Rust Proofing Spray?

Rust is killing for your car. Bit by bit, the rust worm tends to eat out the structural integrity of your treasured steam leaving it vulnerable to decay and death. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you take proper measures to rust-proof the vehicle. While general maintenance of the steam and car wash are…

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primer painting in a car

Rust Removal Treatment in Four Steps

Some industry experts consider rust as “the metal’s version of cancer”. Rust, indeed eats into the body of the car causing severe permanent damage. It is mandatory for car owners living in coastal areas and colder regions to use a good

applying cavity wax in a car

Do I Need Cavity Wax For my Car?

Anti-corrosive cavity wax ensures complete safety of your vehicle from rust. They are designed to guard the hollow cavities of the car from corrosion. Though some car owners consider rust proof wax as an optional treatment, the product is a mandatory item if you are looking at long term protection for your car. Read on…

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Stop Rust in Time

Be Careful To Stop Rust in Time

Rust is surely an utterly ruinous menace for any car. It tends to damage the bodywork & if not treated in time, would fast result in complete decay of the vehicle. Thus, you should make sure to stop rust in time. But how to know that rust has already attacked your car? Well, you have to…

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Tips To Protect Your Car from Rust

Tips To Protect Your Car from Rust

Have you got a new car lately? Well, that’s great but you should be careful to ensure proper rust protection for your car to guarantee a lengthy life-span for it. Rust is almost like the rashes and spread really fast, if not checked in time. Thus, you have to be cautious about car rust proofing measures…

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Rusting in car

Tips to Protect Your Car from Salt

Countries with inclement weather are at a higher risk of exposing their vehicle to salt on the road. Salt strewn across the streets before and after a snowstorm lowers the freezing point of water. This safeguards people by melting the ice away quickly. Adding salt to snow-filled roads is an indispensable measure of safety but…

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Rust Proof Your Car

How to Rust-Proof Your Car

Among the many things that tend to attack the integrity of your vehicle, rust is the most common and most disturbing. In fact, rust protection stands as one of the biggest priorities for any car owner. A notorious result of oxidation, rust will fast chop out the car, bit by bit, leaving you with a…

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