Are Noxudol Products Toxic?

Noxudol products are designed with the environment in mind and do not pose any harm to nature in any way.

Does my Vehicle Require Appearance Protection?

Purchase of vehicle is a major investment. Appearance protection products such as Noxudol rust proofing sprays keep your vehicles longer and easy to maintain. Additionally, the resale value of these vehicles will remain higher. Our products are designed to protect your vehicle from corrosion due to salt, acid rain, road debris and other factors.

Does Noxudol Undercoating work for my Older Vehicle?

Absolutely! Car undercoating does work for any vehicle and is found effective in rust protection. It also depends on the overall condition of your vehicle as well. This is best done by removing existing rust, steam cleaning the body and then applying the undercoating.

Does Rust Proofing / Under Coating require Maintenance?

Noxudol products are engineered to sustain the result it produces for a longer period. That said, it is also advised to conduct a rust inspection once every year, so that the areas that require maintenance will be attended to.

How Can I prevent Rust?

Rust prevention can be effectively done through periodical cleaning and maintenance routines. Have your car washed by a professional twice a month alongside wax coating. If you live in areas where salt is being used on roads, use Noxudol car undercoating post car wash.

How long after the correct application of Undercoating is my car protected?

Duration of car undercoating depends on the size of the vehicle. It usually takes 1 to 2 hours on an average.
Rustproofing your vehicle during summer is highly recommended! It is mostly during the hot days of summer when rust causes maximum damage to your vehicle. Rustproofing your vehicle at this time can prevent the process from taking place.

When is the ideal time to rustproof my car during its lifespan?

We recommend rustproofing your car as soon as you receive it in order to minimize the chances of corrosion. Rustproofing will inhibit the process of corrosion alongside protecting the areas that has not yet been subjected to corrosion.

Which areas of my car will corrode faster?

Corrosion happens in those areas that have moisture and they include crevices, seams, welds and pockets where maximum road dirt and salt are accumulated.

Why should I give my car additional rust protection?

According to studies, it is proven that a car will seldom have any rust even beyond 13 years after the application of additional rust protection. Additional rust protection is also useful in retaining the resale value of your car.

What is Noxudol?

Noxudol is a car rust protection product that can help in preventing rust from forming on the metal components of your car. Using Noxudol can protect your vehicle from salt, moisture, and other environmental factors that can lead to rust formation.

How does Noxudol prevent rust from forming on my car?

Our car rust protection creates a barrier between the moisture and environmental factors and the metal components of your car. It is formulated to be long lasting and effective in preventing rust.

How long does your rust-proofing product last?

It can last up to 12 months or more. It depends on driving conditions and how often your car is exposed to elements that can lead to rust formation.

Can I apply the product myself?

We recommend going to a professional application center. You may visit this page to help you find the nearest application centers in your area.

How often do I reapply the rust protection product to my car?

We recommend reapplying our rust protection product every 12 months to maintain its effectiveness.

Can this product be used on any type of car or are there specific makes that Noxudol is designed for?

Noxodul is designed to be used on any type of car. It does not matter whether you are driving a Honda or BMW, an older car, or a newer vehicle. If you apply it on cars with existing rust damage, you need to remove the rust first. That’s why it is pertinent that you must go to an application center to ensure all rust is removed from your car before this product is applied.

Will Noxudol damage the paint on my car?

No, Noxudol is designed to be safe for use on all types of car paint. It will not cause damage.

Can I use Noxudol on new cars?

Yes, it is safe to use on new cars. We highly recommend protecting your asset. Noxodul is designed to prevent rust from forming in the first place. However, if your new car has been sprayed with car rust protection from the dealership, you may wait for a year before you apply it.

Is Noxudol safe in other areas of the car?

Yes, it is safe to be used on any metal component of your car.

Will Noxudol affect my vehicle’s performance in any way?

No, Noxudol will not affect your car’s performance in any way. In fact, it can help reduce external noises.

Can Noxudol help prevent corrosion from road salt or other environmental factors?

Absolutely. It is designed to help prevent corrosion from road salt, moisture, and other environmental factors.

Can Noxudol be used on cars with existing rust damage?

Yes, it can be used on older cars with existing rust damage. But you need to remove the rust first before you can apply this product. Once it is free from any rust, you can use this product to prevent it from forming in your car again.

How does your rust protection product compare to other similar products on the market?

Noxudol is specially formulated to provide long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. For more than 70 years, drivers from all over have trusted Noxudol to protect their vehicles.

How much does Noxudol cost?

Please head over to our Shop page for pricing. Competitively priced, Noxudol protects your investment in your vehicle.

How long has Noxudol been on the market?

Noxudol it start in the beginning of 1950 when the problems with car corrosion start to be a serious issue and a Swedish scientist start to develop the ML method for protection of hollow spaces in the car. First Noxudol sell only to small repair stations but market expand and more and more large rust proofing stations were established. Volvo was the main customer and make it possible for Noxudol to expand more wider.

How long does it take to apply your car rust-proofing to my car?

The time it takes to apply our product will vary depending on the size of your car and the number of metal components that need to be treated. Typically, it takes between one to two hours for professional application. Hence, we highly recommend going to your preferred mechanic or going to this page to find the nearest shops where you can have your car treated.

Is Noxudol environmentally friendly?

Noxudol carry a line of products that are ecofriendly these are Noxudol 300 and Noxudol 700. However, we still recommend using the necessary protection when applying this product.

Where can I purchase your rustproofing or rust protection?

You can purchase all of our products through our website on the “Shop” page.

What is cavity wax?

Cavity wax is a specialized type of wax designed to protect those hard-to-reach areas of your car. It can protect the inside of your doors and fenders from moisture and corrosion. It can prevent rust and other types of damage to your car’s metal components.

Can Noxudol help in reducing the amount of noise that enters the interior of my car?

It can help reduce the amount of noise entering the car’s interior. However, we have a separate product for this purpose. You may visit our sound dampening page to know more about how you use this wax to reduce road noise, wind noise, and engine noise.