spray undercoating

All-Weather Spray Undercoating Protection to Prevent Rust from Eating Away your Car

Spray undercoating is a lifesaver to protect your car’s undercarriage. Your vehicle needs more than just regular washing. If you want it to last longer, you need to maintain it by replacing its oil during scheduled maintenance, washing it regularly, and applying for protection against rust. But you might wonder whether or not undercoating is still necessary considering that your car is still new. 

spray undercoating

Although cars made two decades ago were prone to oxidation, cars of today are constructed using materials that are resistant to contaminants. And each time they leave the car manufacturer’s factory, they have been applied with undercoating. However, the undercoating product applied to your car can wear off after a few years. That’s why you need to re-apply it. Else, your car will develop rust. 

Spray Undercoating to Inhibit Rust 

When your car starts to develop rust, it has to be repaired or fixed right away. Otherwise, the rust will continue to eat away at your car. A major rust problem can be costly. To avoid it, make sure that you protect your car against rust development by applying an undercoating regularly. 

There are different methods of undercoating. One of them is a spray. The coating sticks to the undercarriage of your car. It simply acts as a barrier to stop salt, moisture, and oxygen from accumulating. These factors can easily lead to corrosion. 

You may purchase our Noxudol spray undercoating here. But the main question of our many customers is if they can apply it on their own. Unfortunately, it’s tricky to apply this undercoat. For that reason, we recommend a professional applicator. Please browse our website to find the nearest applicator shop in your area. 

How Does Undercoating Protect Your investment? 

Your car is an expensive investment. That’s why you need to take care of it to ensure that it will last long. And, as mentioned earlier, one way to protect it is to prevent it from developing rust. Applying an undercoating will block factors that can lead to corrosion. The solution blocks the electrolyte from going into your car’s metallic surfaces. 

How Long Will It Last? 

It can last for many years. However, it still depends on where you live. If you are driving all the time in road salt or pass standard wastewater, then you must consider undercoating every year. Undercoating won’t cost you a fortune but if your car starts to develop rust, you’ll spend hundreds of dollars to remove the rust. Undercoating extends your car’s lifespan. It reduces rust that can easily destroy your car. The process can be quite tricky as it requires a commercial-grade degreaser to eliminate all grime and oils under your car. If there’s existing rust, it has to be removed through grinding. 

Because of how complicated the application is, it’s ideal that you hire a professional applicator to evenly apply this product to your car. Going to a professional applicator won’t cost you a fortune as it only charges a reasonable amount. Start protecting your car now by applying spray undercoating. Contact our team today to know more about where to find a professional applicator.