car Undercoating

Understanding the Basics of Undercoating for Your Car

You may love your car and clean it exceptionally well every time from the sides, the wheels and taking care that every bit of dirt comes off from the car. However, do you spend enough time cleaning the bottom of your car? This is the place where all the important parts lie like brake parts,…

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Rust Prevention

Useful Tips That Will Help You with Car Rust Prevention

If you want to maintain your car in the best possible way and assure a long life for it, car rust prevention is a must. Many times, rust can destroy more cars than accidents. Rust can be compared to a chronic illness while accidents are a sudden attack. Just like chronic illnesses can be treated…

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Keeping Rust Away

Simple Tips for Keeping Rust Away

Rusting of car interiors as well as the exteriors is a common problem especially in coastal areas. Constant exposure to UV rays makes the paint to wear out quickly thus causing the car to rust. Car rusting affects the overall appearance and also lowers the resale value of the car. Here are a few tips…

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