Maintain Your Car during the Wet Season

Tips to Maintain Your Car during the Wet Season

Wet weather makes both driving and car maintenance a tedious task. Rain and snow are natural causes of accidents as well as car rust. Cars from the snow-clad region suffer the most during winter. To ensure a problem-free wet season for your car, the following tips must be considered.

Undercoat your Car

The first precautious measure for the wet season is to undercoat the car. This helps to fight the rust by protecting the highly vulnerable areas and by blocking small cracks or crevices that give way to rusting of the car body. Damage in the underbody of the car allows moisture to seep into the interiors thus damaging the engine parts and posing some serious threat. A steam wash for the car followed by undercoating ensures better safety during the rainy season.

Regular Car Check-Ups

Cars must be checked for damage more frequently during the rainy season. Pay attention to the frame, chassis, door hinges as well as paint surface. The metal components under the hood must also be checked frequently to understand the severity of the corrosion.

Keep the Car Spic and Span

While this may sound very obvious, it is often an overlooked pointer. It is mandatory that car owners take the time out to wash their car every time it is used on the snowy roads. If the car is vintage, it is certainly better to avoid driving it during the wet season as older cars are more susceptible to corrosion.