rust proofing

Is Rust Nature’s Bane?

Rust is the strongest nemesis of a car. Rustproofing is an important exercise for every car owner to protect the aesthetic and economic value of the possession. Most people consider rust as an unwanted gift of nature. This is in fact true in a sense, as two important factors of nature impact the formation of rust in automobiles.


The metal surface of the car when exposed to extreme weather conditions becomes highly vulnerable to oxidation. Moisture from the air creeps into the clefts and rots the internal body parts of the vehicle. Snow-clad roads are filled with abrasive salts and finally reach the underbody of the car to corrode the metal. Rain is another strong contender when it comes to quick rusting. Thus weather conditions play an important role in causing rust.

Geographical Location

The next important factor that influences rusting in cars in the location to which the car belongs. Living by the sea is like living a dream but it may just turn out to be a nightmare for your car. The salt-laden moisture from the air and the saltwater are strong sources that cause easy rusting of the metal surface.

While it may be true that nature does play a vital role in influencing rust formation, it is human neglect that takes the central role in causing rust. Car owners from any part of the world can avoid rust by taking proactive steps such as cleaning the car regularly and choosing the