Protect Your Classic Car from Rust

Tips to Protect Your Classic Car from Rust

Classic cars outlive time and trend and are a passion for many. They offer a sense of pride and demand much effort to stay in prime shape. The worst foe of classic cars is rust and it only takes the smallest crack to get the uninvited guest aboard. To preserve the heritage and memories of your classic car follow these simple steps on how to stop rust damage.

Trivial Changes May Add Value to the Car

Inspect the car regularly for the slightest sign of damage. Paint chips must be fixed immediately and small traces of rust can be removed using a rust remover. Replace the moisture-absorbing carpet mats of the car with rubber mats to prevent the spreading of rust from the interior.

Class Must Be Coupled With Cleanliness

Like any other car, vintage cars must also be washed after every use to remove all rash salts and debris from the road. Do not use a high-pressure spray while washing as it may remove paint from the car’s surface. Car owners must pay attention to fenders and the underbody while washing.

A Good Car Cover is a Great Investment

Many people use their classic assets only for special occasions and leave them undisturbed on the other days. This however does not mean the car is safe from rust. Soft indoor car covers are best suited for protecting the paint on the surface of the car. Combining this with a dehumidifier is the solution to protect the car from rust while it is safely parked in the garage.