Why Undercoat a Used Car?

It is a question of whether prevention is better than cure. For many vehicle owners applying an undercoat is an afterthought, but it is just as important as any preventative measure that protects and prolongs the life of your car. To most people buying a car is a major investment and therefore your vehicle should be guarded against whatever can cause it harm. Buying a car isn’t the end of your financial commitment, which is ongoing for the length of time you use it. Apart from such things as tax, insurance, servicing, and fuel, there is maintenance. Correct maintenance extends the lifespan of any vehicle and it doesn’t matter if it is new or used. What matters is that you spend less time and money repairing or replacing parts. That’s why undercoating a used car is just as important as applying it to a new one. Luckily, Noxudol is one of the most tried and tested vehicle prevention applications on the market today.

What is Undercoating?

The undercoat is a protective layer of paint that is applied to the underside of your car to prevent oxidization. It covers the parts of the car you don’t see and most of the time don’t think about. It is passive protection against the elements. The underside of your car is constantly exposed to water and other corrosive elements in various forms and so is always in danger of rusting. It helps insulate the exposed metal components such as oil pans, suspension parts, mufflers, exhaust pipes, and gas tanks from constant environmental harm. These are the most vulnerable parts of your that need to be taken care of as much as possible. Vehicle manufacturers do apply undercoating to their cars before they leave the factory as a matter of course, but as with most things, over time, wear and tear reduce its effectiveness.  As cars almost never have their underparts cleaned, this is a good measure to take.

Undercoating A Used Car

How is it applied?

Rust protection sealant is easily applied by spraying it on. You can buy tins of spray and apply it yourself if you want to go DIY, but it is better to have it applied by professional people who know what they are doing. They also have the patience to get it right. This is the fastest and most effective method of getting it done. The undercarriage of your car is full of nooks and crannies that may be hard to get to or cover evenly. What you need to avoid is partial or patchy coverage. Rust is like cancer and once it takes hold, it is hard to eradicate. Undercoating a used car is just as worthwhile as protecting a new one. Manufacturers recommend applying a protective undercoating once every year as part of your maintenance schedule.

The Product

Noxudol has been around for over 20 years and most of the major European automobile manufacturers use it. Although standard on new cars, undercoating a used car with this protective coating will help prolong the life of your car far as rust is concerned. Don’t hesitate to protect your car now. For more information contact us through one of our centers.