Rust Proof Undercoating

Rust Proofing Undercoating Can Help You Win Against Rust Formation

Rust formation in your car is inevitable, which is a sad fact. But you can win this battle by rust-proofing undercoating your vehicle. But what causes your car to rust? It can happen when iron meets moisture to cause oxidation. In your car, the most obvious way moisture comes into contact with iron is rain. If you live in a place where it’s always bad weather, then you must protect your car by rust-proofing it. But it’s not only rain that triggers rust formation. Salt, too, can make your car more vulnerable to rusting. During cold weather, you may have the habit of removing ice and snow from your car using road salt. But salt makes your vehicle vulnerable to rusting. Unfortunately, melting snow can go to corners of your car where it won’t evaporate. Since the melting snow has salt, it can eat through your paint. If you don’t remove it right away, it can cause rusting on your undercarriage. 

Rust Undercoating

Rust Proof Undercoating as Part of Car’s Maintenance

In addition to changing your car’s oil, you should also pay attention to your car’s paint. Once a year, you must check your car to find if rust is starting to form. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to spot. During your preventive maintenance schedule, your mechanic will look for any signs of rust in your car. If there are signs of rust formation, you should consider removing it before it progresses. For surface rust, you can remove it using an abrasive wheel or sandpaper. You need to remove the rust first before you can apply rust proofing. Although surface rust isn’t always a major issue, it can get worse if you don’t remove it right away. 

Do New Cars Require Rust Proofing? 

Car manufacturers have already applied to rustproof before their vehicles leave their factories. However, the rustproofing won’t last long. Some elements can fade the rustproofing applied to your new car. In that case, experts recommend that you apply another coat every year, depending on where you live. 

How Much Will It Cost to Rustproof Your Car? 

You can buy under-body coating for only $26.50 at It has excellent anti-corrosion properties that can protect your car for a year. But before you consider applying it yourself, you must know that you need special tools to help you spray it to your car evenly. That’s why we recommend taking your car to the nearest application center. 

The application center that we’ll recommend has the necessary tools to apply Noxudol to specific areas of your car that you can’t reach. This application center specializes in rustproofing, so you can be sure that the shop’s technicians there are properly trained. It’s not too late to rustproof your car. Browse our shop to find rust-proofing products for your car. 

Then, visit our application center page so you’ll find the nearest center where you can take your car for rust-proof undercoating. If you can’t find the nearest center, you may contact us for further assistance.