spray undercoating

A Spray Undercoating To Get Your Vehicle Through the Winter and Beyond

Are you looking for rust protection you can trust during the cold winter months? Have you begun to worry about what all of this snow, sleet, and moisture are beginning to do to the bottom of your vehicle? It’s always important for your vehicle to have reliable rust protection. However, that can be even more important during the winter. Noxudol spray undercoating can ensure your vehicle’s undercarriage stays rust-free throughout every season. 

spray undercoating

Spray Undercoating for When the Road Salt Piles Up 

Driving on snow-covered roads can get all kinds of moisture into your vehicle’s underbody, leading to rust and damage. That said, municipalities use road salt to destroy that snow. Unfortunately, road salt can also lead to problems for your vehicle’s undercarriage, too. To help with that, we offer Noxudol 900. Utterly water and moisture-repellent, it has been proven to be highly effective against road salt. So, whether the roads are covered with snow or salt, you can be confident taking your vehicle out on them. 

Stones and Ice 

Winter has so many different ways of damaging your vehicle. Yes, snow and road salt constitute a problem for your vehicle’s undercarriage. Beyond that, ice and even flying stones can be a real concern. When we set about creating Noxudol, we realized that there really weren’t many underbody products that could help against them. To that end, we created Noxudol 1100. How it works is simplicity itself. You brush or spray it in an even layer, which creates a dry film. Then, once that film fully dries, it becomes elastic yet solid. Once it’s on, ice, flying stones, and other potentially harmful objects can’t break through. 

Storing Industrial Items Outside Safely 

Often, we’re asked something like: “Hey, I know your Noxudol products can help with cars, but I have some industrial products that are going to be out in the elements for a prolonged period of time. Do you have something that can help?” Absolutely. Noxudol 900 can also help with the outdoor storage of industrial products, too. Rust isn’t concerned about whether or not what it’s damaging is a car or not. We designed undercoating products that can provide preventative rust protection as well as reliable abrasion protection. 

Beyond Undercoating 

The undercarriage of your vehicle is not the only place that rust can creep into. The “hollow spaces” of motor vehicles, for one, are a place where rust can appear. To that end, we created an entire line of rust-preventative products. For example, Noxudol 300 can protect your vehicle from rust, as well as machine parts, steel constructions, allowing for storage protection for machines, and so much more. Additionally, loud sounds can be a problem, too. That’s why we offer sound-damping products that cut down on or even eliminate the vibrations that lead to annoying sounds (or worse) on vehicles, boats, and more. To see an entire catalog of what we offer, you can head to our site or call us at 800-997-6536