undercoating a used car

Undercoating a Used Car: Rust Doesn’t Discriminate

It’s true. Rust doesn’t discriminate. Whether you bought a brand new vehicle or a used car, rust can still develop. Hence, undercoating a used car is worth every penny. Undercoating is something that you shouldn’t ignore as part of your car maintenance. If you want your newly bought used car to last for many years, then make sure to invest in an undercoating product. 

undercoating a used car

Undercoating a Used Car for the Undercarriage

The car’s undercarriage comes into contact with chemicals, water, and other things that can trigger a rust formation. Without the right protection, your car’s bottom can start to corrode. However, before you decide to undercoat your car’s undercarriage, there are things you must consider first. Applying an undercoating to a used vehicle may seem like a waste of your money. But the undercoat can protect it from further exposure to those elements that can cause rust formation. 

Clean the Underbody 

Before you apply the undercoating product, you need to clean the undercarriage first. You should remove any grease and dirt. If rust has started forming, you need to remove it. You may use a grinder to do the job. Any remaining rust must be sanded using sandpaper for metal. Choose sandpaper with a grit of 220 or larger. Make sure to wipe away all the dust from grinding and sanding.

Paint the Underbody 

After cleaning the underbody, you’re not done yet. You need to paint the undercarriage first. Prime all areas where rust has formed. You may use a high zinc primer for better results. Before doing the next step, you should ensure that the primer is completely dry. 

Start Undercoating Your Car 

After painting the underbody, it’s time for you to start undercoating your car’s undercarriage. You need to ensure that you apply the product liberally. Don’t forget the parts that you anticipate rust will form because it is fully exposed to the road. Wait for an hour before you apply another coat. Make sure that you allow the second undercoat to dry overnight before you use your car on the road again. 

What Undercoating to Use? 

The most commonly used undercoat is Noxudol. Even major car manufacturers are using it to protect their vehicles before they leave the dealership. 

When to Re-Apply? 

It’s necessary that you re-apply the undercoating. The reason for this is that this product can wear off due to constant exposure. You may re-apply every year. It depends on where you drive your car. When you have your PMS, ask the technician to examine your undercarriage and determine whether or not it needs another coat. 

Hire a Professional 

As mentioned, you must apply the undercoat liberally and equally. You must spray the undercoat on all parts of the car that are exposed to rust-causing elements. If you don’t have the right equipment to lift your car to check the undercarriage, then it’s best that you just go to an application center. Where to find a company that offers undercoating for a used car? Check out here.