rust proofing spray

Should You Consider Applying Rust Proofing to Your Car?

You just handed your hard-earned cash over to the car dealer to finally drive the car of your dreams. But before giving you the keys, the salesperson offered you a rust-proofing service. You might have heard of rust-proofing spray online. It’s cheaper than what the salesperson is offering. But which one should you choose? 

Is Rust Proof Spray Worth It? 

It is worth it, even for new cars. Indeed, cars made in the middle 2000s have exotic materials, such as galvanized steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. They are all resistant to rust. You can even buy cars that utilize carbon fiber, which is immune to rusting. Then again, even if newer cars are made of those exotic materials, they’re still not immune to rust. 

What Does Rust Proofing Spray Do? 

Even though your newly bought car has been rust-proofed from the factory, it’s still prone to rust after a year or so. The US experiences winter. And this season means that corrosive materials are being used to treat the road. If you damage some parts of your car in any way, the coating that protects your car from rust would be compromised. When that happens, the rust will start to form. 

Do New Cars Need Rust Proofing? 

As mentioned earlier, rust proofing is necessary, especially in the US where it experiences winter. Even though new cars have been rust-proofed when it leaves the assembly line, they are not resistant to rust. If you’re being offered rust proofing before your new car leaves the dealership, you can opt to say no. However, make sure that you use it after a year. It’s especially true if you have been driving on roads that have been treated with corrosive materials. 

Should You Rust-Proof Your Car If It’s Always in the Garage? 

You may think that because your expensive car is parked in garages, it’s immune from rust. In other words, you have the perception that your garage will protect your car from winter’s elements. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Corrosion can still start in cars parked in garages. The reason for this is that for rust to form, it needs a few elements. These are the anode and cathode. It also requires an electrolyte, which is the road salt. However, you can protect your cars from rust if you have sprayed rust-proofing products before you store your car in your garage. The sooner you treat your car, the better protection it can get against corrosion. 

Can You Rust Proof Your Car on Your Own? 

It’s easy to spray this product on your car. If you see rust forming in your car’s exterior, you may apply it immediately. Unfortunately, rust can form under chassis or areas that you can’t see without lifting your car. That’s why we recommend going to a professional application company to spray the rust-proofing product evenly on your undercarriage. If you’re ready to protect your car from rust, please browse our rust-proofing spray products and other rust preventive items here.