undercoating car to prevent rust

Is It Necessary to Undercoat Car to Prevent Rust?

Undercoating cars to prevent rust is necessary. However, if you’re buying a new car, undercoating may not be needed. The reason for this is that new cars coming from the factory are coated with materials that protect the chassis from rust, salt, and oil. But the protection wears off over time. It means that you need to rustproof your car again after a year or so. 

When Undercoating Car to Prevent Rust is Necessary? 

If your car is still new, you may skip undercoating. However, if you wish to protect it from rust, then consider applying for protection after a year or so. During your car’s PMS, you may ask the technician if the undercoat has worn off. If it has, then now is the time to apply rust protection to your car. 

The best time to start undercoating your car is before the winter months. This will safeguard your automobile against extreme weather conditions. Then, after the winter season, you may check your car again if it has been exposed to rust. 

Why Do Cars Rust? 

Rust happens when oxygen contacts iron. When these two “meet,” they start an oxidation process. Rust develops slowly. If you expose your car to water, snow, and humidity, these elements can speed up rust development. It’s one reason rust tends to develop in vehicles with damaged parts. 

How to Protect Cars Against Rust? 

Rustproofing is your best option. It involves coating your vehicle panels to protect them from rusting. It is your first line of defense. 

Another way to protect your car against rust is to repair the panels as soon as possible. If there are dents or scratches to your car, make sure to have them repaired ASAP. If you leave the dent longer, the rust can start to develop leading to more extensive repairs down the line. 

Then, every two weeks, you should wash and wax your car. This will also prevent rust from forming in your car. During the winter months, you need to wash your vehicle often. 

Undercoating your car is also necessary. It covers the bottom of your car to prevent rust from developing. Noxudol is a number option when it comes to undercoating a car. Even car manufacturers opt for it because it has been proven to be effective and safe to use. 

What are the Other Uses of Undercoating? 

Besides protecting the car from rust, undercoating is also useful to reduce interior noise. When you drive your car, you can hear the sounds of the road to be louder. A layer of undercoating can form a barrier against the sound. After undercoating, you may notice that audio levels are lower in your vehicle. 

undercoating car to prevent rust

Who Should Apply Undercoating Product? 

Undercoating a car to prevent rust works best when you have it applied by a professional. Noxudol will help you find the nearest application centers. But first, browse our undercoatings and rustproofing products here