Rust Inhibitors

How do Rust Inhibitors Work?

Every car faces the problem of rust in its lifespan. Rust when left untreated rings the death knell for the vehicle. Rust inhibitors are chemical compounds used to bring down the rate at which the metal in the car corrodes. Below are some interesting facts about inhibitors and how they act as an effective rust…

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Car Undercoating

Things to Know While Undercoating Your Car

Road salts are the biggest reason for rusting of cars. These harmful salts are mixed with sand and strewn across roads to defreeze snow. While the abrasive sand particles cause scratches on the metal surface, the salts aggravate rusting by catalyzing the oxidation of the metal. As a result, cars start to rust from the…

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Facts about Rust

Top Facts about Rust That Every Car Owner Must Know

Rust is the most dangerous enemy of cars. They rot the metal surface of cars and decrease their lifespan and looks. Here are some interesting facts about rust that every car owner must know. What Causes Rust Formation? Rust is typically the result of the oxidation of the metal in the car. The metal surface…

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Water Based Rust Prevention Products

Advantages of Using Water Based Rust Prevention Products

A single spot of rust on the surface of the car can quickly rot the metal when exposed to air and moisture. Rust prevention products are available in plenty in the market and choosing the right product offers ease of application as well as the expected results. Water-based solvents for rust proofing, are widely used…

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Three Common Myths about Automotive Rust

Rust is something that every car owner must deal with at some point. Rust is the result of the chemical reaction between oxygen and car metals. Rust has the ability to degrade the look of your car and bring down its resale value considerably. Before you set out to analyze the condition of your vehicle,…

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Avoid Corrosion Proofing

How to Avoid Corrosion Proofing Products that Damage your Vehicle

Using a quality rust stopper has never been more important. Not only can doing so save you from expensive repair and replacement costs for rusting but electing a good product can save your car from a lot of damage. If you are not yet aware of the damage that certain rust-proofing products inflict, you must…

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Rust Proofing Your Car

A Few Words on Rust Proofing Your Car

There is a common misconception among many car owners that rustproofing a car post-purchase is not necessary. However, in reality, such a notion can be really shattering both for the car and the car owner. You must understand that rusting is common for every car, irrespective of the esteemed status of your auto manufacturer. Thus,…

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Car Rust Proofing

How to Choose a Rust Proofing Spray?

Rust is killing your car. Bit by bit, the rust worm tends to eat out the structural integrity of your treasured steam leaving it vulnerable to decay and death. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you take proper measures to rust-proof the vehicle. While general maintenance of the steam and car wash is a…

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primer painting in a car

Rust Removal Treatment in Four Steps

Some industry experts consider rust as “the metal’s version of cancer”. Rust, indeed eats into the body of the car causing severe permanent damage. It is mandatory for car owners living in coastal areas and colder regions to use a good cavity wax as well as an undercoating product to stay well ahead of the…

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