Facts about Rust

Top Facts about Rust That Every Car Owner Must Know

Rust is the most dangerous enemy of cars. They rot the metal surface of cars and decrease their lifespan and looks. Here are some interesting facts about rust that every car owner must know.

What Causes Rust Formation?

Rust is typically the result of the oxidation of the metal in the car. The metal surface of a car is exposed to several conditions such as rain, moisture, dirt, and harmful chemicals from the road which ultimately eat into the metal and forms rust. It does not matter if you drive through rough terrains every other day or keep your car locked up in the garage; you must always adopt the right rust remover measures for your asset.

Rust Travels through the Body of The Car

Rust can occur anywhere on the body of the car starting from door handles to the engine bay. Once rust comes in, it spreads quickly to other parts thus leaving car owners with a major concern about how to stop rust effectively.

What Parts Of A Car Are Prone To Rusting?

If you want to buy a used car and would like to check if it is rust-free, then the underside of the car must be the first to be scrutinized. Following this, the fenders, the wheel wells, and the area below the carpeting must be checked

What is Galvanization?

The iron in the car reacts with oxygen to form rust which is iron oxide. This oxidation process can be prevented by coating the iron with a suitable non-reactive element. When this element is zinc, the process is called galvanization. Galvanized steel is widely used by car manufacturers these days.