car Undercoating

Understanding the Basics of Undercoating for Your Car

You may love your car and clean it exceptionally well every time from the sides, the wheels, and taking care that every bit of dirt comes off from the car. However, do you spend enough time cleaning the bottom of your car? This is the place where all the important parts lie like brake parts, tie rods, cables, different kinds of bolts and screws, etc. They often get dirty with mud, salts, tar or oil, whatever might be on the roads. It is equally important to clean the bottom of your car to ensure it functions well in the long run. In order to make this easy, undercoating is created.

Different Ways to Undercoat:

Application at Dealerships – When you buy your car, you can choose to have a special application on your vehicle. If you live in the northern states where there is snow and salt on the roads, this is the best option. As the name suggests, the undercoating is a layer that is spread on the bottom of your vehicle which keeps it cleaner than what you can manually do.

Automatic Car Wash – If you are opting for an automatic car wash, you can have an undercoating spray put at the end of the process. This layer won’t be as thick as the ones you get at a dealership but it is still better than not having anything.