7 Effective Ways to a Rust-Free Vehicle

You might be a proud owner of a sparkling brand new car. But like most owners, you will definitely have to worry about keeping it as lustrous as new over the years to come. If you are worried about vehicle rusting, you are not the only one. Due to salt, oxygen, water, and the sun, your car can get easily affected, leading to corrosion. Read on to know the 7 steps that will easily help you in rustproofing:

  1. Opt for a mild and safe cleaner for washing your car so that the protective paint covering does not get affected over time
  2. If possible, opt for a jet wash for the undercarriage of your car and clean the brake and fuel lines properly as they are highly susceptible to rust
  3. Dry your vehicle thoroughly with a cotton cloth and keep the doors open so that water can drain out from the car
  4. By waxing and polishing your car, you can be assured that it remains safe from the sun’s UV rays and prevents dirt from sticking and damaging your car’s paint
  5. If possible, keep your car in a garage or cover it at all times when not in use as extreme weather conditions can compromise your car’s paint and lead to rusting
  6. During the winter season, if your car has mud and salt on it, don’t park it immediately in a heated garage as it will cause the ice and salt to melt. Wash your car before parking it inside
  7. Check your car regularly for rust and apply an undercoat for corrosion protection immediately

Cars are a big investment and they must be taken care of properly to ensure a long life. By practicing these simple and effective tips for