Car Undercoating

Undercoat Your Car to Save It from Rust Invasion

Several vehicle owners often overlook car undercoating! But, it plays a major role in increasing the life span of your car. As your car constantly comes in contact with several substances outdoors such as water, dirt, and debris, undercoating your vehicle can really save your car from the phenomenon of rust and corrosion.

Car Undercoating

Car undercoating is nothing but a protective layer applied to the undercarriage. With the prolonged usage, your car is subjected to wear and tear and is often left unnoticed. By applying a sufficient layer of undercoating to your car undercarriage, the metal surface last longer and also provides adequate protection.

There are many different elements used in undercoating. It includes,

  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramics
  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Asphalt
  • Petroleum

All these ingredients offer the same level of protection against the elements of rust and corrosion even though they possess different properties in terms of heat resistance.

Top Reasons for Undercoating

Your Car is Older than Five Years

If you are buying a brand new car, undercoating is not needed because the coating is already put in place to prevent rusting when it is manufactured. But, if your car is five years older or more new undercoating is needed because the manufactured undercoating wears by this time.


If your car met with an accident, then there are chances that undercoating was scraped or cut from some materials. So, it’s important to consider new undercoating for additional protection and you can acquire this while getting other repairs done.


Because of the salts on the road, your car is susceptible to undercarriage damages during the winter season. Road salts coming in contact with the undercarriage begin to eat away at the material leaving rusting behind. So, wash your car from underneath after the winter season and have it inspected for any kind of scrapes. If you find any scrapes, then consider getting an undercoating service to protect it from rust invasion.

Improve Durability

You should have the undercoating applied if you want to keep your car around for a long time to come or for resale purposes. Undercoating prevents the bottom of the car from rusting and disintegrating and keeps your car in drive-able conditions. Inspect your car’s undercarriage once a year to detect the presence of possible scratches that need to be protected.

Benefits of Car Undercoating

  • Prevents damage or rust invasion in the undercarriage
  • Chip-resistant properties
  • Moisture and corrosion resistant
  • Sound eliminator
  • Reduces road vibrations and road noise
  • Makes it easier to wash off the mud in the undercarriage

Car undercoating is the most beneficial method of rust prevention and can drastically increase the lifespan of your car. To know more about car undercoating, visit now!