Cavity Wax for a Long term Protection

Cavity Wax for a Long-term Protection of Your Cars

Do you think rust damages only the look of your car? Then, you are absolutely wrong! Rust not only affects the appearance of your vehicle but also eats away the important mechanized parts severely affecting the performance and safety of your vehicle. So, it’s your prime duty to regularly inspect and maintain your car’s exterior and interior before it ends up costing you a pile of money. If you fail to do anything that prevents the humid, salty air of summer and the salty springtime road film that inevitably finds its way into your vehicle, then you are lost. From keeping the paint of your vehicle touched up to washing the undercarriage frequently, there are myriad numbers of ways to keep your vehicle from rusting. Cavity wax is one such method that ensures your car’s safety and prevents rust infestation. Cavity wax is designed in such a way to protect the cavities of your vehicle from corrosion and ensure the long-term safety and protection of your car. Today, there are different varieties of cavity waxes from different brands available in the market in both solvent-based and solvent-free forms.

How does It work?

Cavity wax eliminates the moisture trapped in the car nooks & crannies & leaves back a sticky coat of wax over the metal that prevents any further moisture attack on the cavities.

Tips to Apply Car Waxing

Initial Preparation

  • Wash your car prior to applying wax to remove any impurities on the surface of your car.
  • If you skip washing the car, the accumulated dust or impurities will create a residue that could cause scratches in the long run.
  • After washing, dry your car with a soft microfiber drying towel.

Paint Cleaning Spray

  • If the dust from the surface of your car is not removed properly even after washing, use a paint cleaning spray to remove contaminants that stick to the paint.

Start Waxing Your Car

  • Don’t apply too much rustproof wax to your car.
  • Only a thin application is essential to bond to the paint and cure better.
  • Choosing a high-quality and branded cavity wax also plays a major role in better and deeper penetration.

Benefits of Cavity Wax

  • Cavity waxing makes sure that voids and exposed sections of your vehicle are well-protected.
  • Contaminates rusting and prevents further rusting.
  • Avoids rust damages caused due to rain or moist car.
  • Provides complete protection against rust.

General Tips to Consider to Prevent Rust Manifestation

  • If you are facing any potential rust issues in your vehicle be extra vigilant in winter, frost, and rain.
  • Wash the undercarriage of your vehicle regularly.
  • Use a high-pressure water cleaner to wash the undercarriage for best results.
  • While choosing a vehicle cover select the one that breathes so that moisture is not trapped under the body of your car
  • Use thick rubber floor mats to trap excess water from wet shoes, umbrellas, etc.

You can also attach mud flaps or guards to your vehicle to prevent rust caused by flying road debris or build-up under your wheels.