Rusting in car

Tips to Protect Your Car from Salt

Countries with inclement weather are at a higher risk of exposing their vehicle to salt on the road. Salt strewn across the streets before and after a snowstorm lowers the freezing point of water. This safeguards people by melting the ice away quickly.

Adding salt to snow-filled roads is an indispensable measure of safety but however salt tends to cause major damage to both the exteriors and interiors of motor vehicles. Salt deposits result in oxidation and ultimately lead to the corrosion of the metal.

Read on to find some easy corrosion protection tips for your car during peak winters.

Be Proactive

Preparing your car for the snow must begin well before the onset of winter. The first car care tip for winter is to get it waxed and resealed to shield the paint from the corrosive salts. If you have a new car, consider rust proofing to mitigate the risk of corrosion and rust.

Keep Every Inch of the Car Clean

Cleaning the car frequently and thoroughly goes a long way in rustproofing the car. Take professional help to steam clean your car regularly. Avoid driving through deep snow and after every long drive ensure the underside of the car that is highly prone to salt deposits is cleaned immediately.

Check Rust-Prone Areas Regularly

Rusting in-car usually begins on doors, fenders, or the tailgate. Keep a tab on these susceptible areas and the slightest sign of rust must be treated with the right rust cleaning products.