rust in a car

Three Ways to Find If a Car is Rust-Free

Expensive or cheap, all cars are prone to rust. Car owners must take sufficient rustproofing initiatives to prevent the corrosion of the metal. A significant measure while buying a used car is to check for rust. Here are some simple techniques that can help you find a rust-free car.

Check the Underside of the Car

The underside of the car is most susceptible to rust. Check the bottom of the car using a flashlight. If you detect any sign of rust, take the car to a body shop and have it mounted on the lift to get a clearer picture. Feel the surface of the car for rust spots and body fillers.

A Newly Painted Car Is Not a Good Sign

Not many sellers would consider repainting the car just before a sale unless there is a dire need. The new paint could be a sign of a rust problem. Take a closer look at the car’s surface to check for paint bubbling.

Check Every Part of the Car in Detail

The interiors of the doors, the space below the trunk carpeting, and the engine compartment must also be checked for rust. Take a good look at the car exteriors as well as the coolant.

Before you purchase a used car, remember that