rust proofing spray

Rust Proofing Spray to Keeping Car Free from Rust

Noxudol is an ideal rust-proofing spray to properly protect your car’s underbody from corrosion. Although it is effective for this purpose, there are other things that you can do to further keep your car from forming rust. 

Rust Proofing Spray and Washing Car Regularly

Indeed, an anti-rust product, like Noxudol, can prevent corrosion. However, it may not be enough to cover other components of your car. That’s why, besides applying this product, you should also ensure that you wash your car regularly. Washing will help you ensure that any dirty water and salt will be removed. Keep in mind that salt and water can contribute to corrosion. 

You should remove them properly before they become a huge issue. Every week, you need to wash your car, especially in the winter. In other seasons, it is enough to wash it every two weeks. However, if your car is still clean after two weeks, you may have to wait another week to wash it. 

rust proofing spray

Do You Need to Wax Your Car? 

Yes, you do. We recommend waxing it every five months. It is especially true if it is constantly exposed to the sun. Wax forms an extra barrier to protect your car from salt and water. 

Storing Your Car 

If you don’t use it every day, then make sure that you store it under an anti-UV cover. It protects it against salt and water, as well as rust-causing components. You should also check your car to find rust. Keep in mind that rust slowly forms in your car. That’s why if it is caught early, there is no need to spend hundreds on interior and exterior repair. 

By applying the rust-proofing product, you are giving your car the right kind of protection from corrosion, thereby, saving you time and money in the long run. When you assess your car to find rust formation, you should look for bubbles and blisters. They are signs of rust. 

Is it Easy to Apply at Home? 

Applying a rust-proofing product may be easy. You may do it yourself. But you need to prepare your work area. It has to be well-ventilated and have adequate lights. While spraying, you need a dust mask or ventilator. It is also vital that you work on your car with low humidity. In this way, the spray dries quickly. 

You may also have to remove the existing paint away before you apply the undercoating. When treating the undercarriage, you should wash it properly. To ensure that the spray adheres to the surface properly, you may need to remove the existing rust first. Doing so will make sure that the protection will stay there for longer periods. You should also dry it properly. The thicker the coat is, the longer the drying time is. You may also need to apply paint over the spray. 

When you choose Noxudol as your rust-proofing spray, we recommend that you go to the nearest applicator center. In this way, there is no need for you to prepare your work area or purchase some pieces of equipment for the proper application of the product. Call us if you need more information: 800-997-6536