Noxudal’s spray undercoating

Importance of Rustproofing Your Car with Noxudol Rust Prevention Products

The auto industry has come a long way over the last two decades, and this applies to the development of rustproofing products too. Tar-based products that used to be popular in the automotive industry are being replaced by solvent-free oils and dripless oil sprays. These can be used not only on the undercarriage of the car but every other vulnerable nook. Noxudol is a company that conducts continuous research and stays at the forefront in developing its products which include undercoats, rust proofing, coating wax, and prevention sprays. Its superior line of products is used by many automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. 

The difference between rustproofing and undercoating

Rustproofing involves using a penetrating compound to treat any little areas on a car where rust may start forming. Undercoating is the process of applying a coating to the undercarriage of the vehicle. 

Undercoating and rustproofing products

If you have an undercoating applied to the undercarriage of your car, it offers extra insulation and protection. It covers exhaust pipes, suspension parts, etc., by sticking to the metal and preventing moisture or salt and other elements from causing rust and corrosion. 

Noxudal’s spray undercoating products are very adhesive and hardwearing. The product is applied with a brush or a spray in an even layer to create a solid, elastic film. This dry film protects against damage caused by ice, flying stones, etc. Cavity wax is perfect for squeezing into tiny spots where rust normally starts and prevents it from forming and spreading. The cavity wax is free from solvents and has a high power of penetration.

Noxudal’s spray undercoating

Some of the benefits

Rust prevention is one of the best ways you can protect your car and, depending on where you live, it may be a necessity. Rust can cause many problems, which means your car doesn’t last as long as it should. Rust inhibitors not only extend the life of your car but increase its resale value. Noxudal products can be applied to both new and used cars and they are eco-friendly, low VOC, and non-toxic with no negative impact on the environment. 

A permanent or annual option

You basically have two different options, one of which is applied permanently and the other which is applied on an annual basis. The permanent option has two components: a black rust-preventative sealant and a paraffin-based sealant. 

The annual option is a dripless sealant applied to various parts of the car, including the chassis, underbody, and body. The application prevents the progression of existing rust and prevents the formation of new rust. 

The best time to rustproof

The corrosion process is most active in summer and spring. The combination of oxygen, humidity, and calcium accumulated in the winter causes rust to start doing its damage. The increased temperature also means metal expands, giving the rust a bigger area on which to appear. 

Why professional application is important

Pressurized cans make application easy but it is difficult to get an even spread and professional applicators offering car rust prevention services are able to get the best results due to their experience. The inexperienced application can result in the clogging of drain holes and other issues. If an undercoating is poorly applied, it’s possible for rust-causing elements to be trapped underneath it and corrosion to occur where it’s difficult to see. 

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