Rust Proofing

How Often To Rust Proofing Your Car?

There are many ways to protect your car from getting damaged. For the engine, you should follow the preventive maintenance schedule of your manufacturer. You may also apply car wax every three months to ensure to protect the paint. But how about rust proofingNewer cars have been rust proofed before they left the car dealership. But the rustproofing won’t last for years.

When to Rust Proofing Your Car Again? 

We recommend applying it once a year. This will prevent any rust from starting. If you have not started rust proofing your car, then now is the time to do it. 

Perhaps, you don’t see the rust in your car. That’s because it can form at the bottom of your vehicle. This part of your car is known as the undercarriage and it is also the most commonly ignored part of your car. 

If you’re ready to invest in this product, you might want to know when is the best time to do it. You must do it ASAP if you haven’t rust proofed it before. If you have, then you must do it once a year. The most preferred time is spring. 

There are many products out there that promise to rustproof your car. However, not all of them can effectively protect your car against rust. That’s why you must only use the product trusted even by your car manufacturer. 

Noxudol is being used by many car manufacturers before their vehicles leave the station. Despite that, you still need to reapply it once a year because the sealant does wear off. 

However, this product isn’t vulnerable to car washes. It means that even if you apply soap and water, the sealant won’t be removed. However, it does wear off over time. That’s why reapplication is vital to maintain its protective power. 

Rust Proofing

What If You Keep Your Car in a Garage? 

Rust can still develop even if you keep your car in a garage. That’s because rust requires electrolyte, anode, and cathode to form. The car’s metal can act as cathode and anode. The electrolyte is water. Indeed, water won’t touch your car when you store it in your garage. Rain will wet your car unless you don’t drive in the rain. 

Your car is at a high risk of rust formation if you park your car outdoors. The reason for this is that your vehicle is exposed to those elements that cause rust. 

If you notice that your car has a rust stain, then you should apply it to rustproof immediately. The stain can be fixed. However, don’t just apply this product on your own. Make sure that you hire a professional to take a look at the rust and apply the product for you. 

It’s ideal that you go to an auto repair shop or visit our site to find the nearest application center. In that way, the rustproofing product will be applied evenly. The center has the right equipment to apply the product accurately. If you wish to know more about NoxudolUSA, please contact us at 800-997-6536