undercoating a used car

Undercoating a Used Car to Protect it from Winter’s Harsh Weather

We know that in the winter, the temperature drops with the snowfalls. In addition to keeping your used car washed and clean at this time, you also need to apply rust protection. Undercoating a used car can help your vehicle last longer. It will also help in retaining its resale value. 

In this cold weather, the road is treated with salt. But it’s one of the causes of rust development on a car, along with sand, snow, and moisture. It can easily spread across your car if you don’t act quickly. Rust doesn’t look good. It also causes major damage to it. 

undercoating a used car

Undercoating a Used Car to Stop Rust from Ruining Vehicle’s Body 

Rust is a serious issue that can easily spread across your car. Unfortunately, most of the rusting start in the cold winter. The damage it causes can easily ruin the body and weakens the vehicle’s frame. 

It’s costly to repair rust damage. That’s why you need to protect your car from rust altogether. Undercoating it using Noxudol can help stop rust development on your car. Many used car owners in the US are undercoating their vehicles with Noxudol allowing their vehicles to survive for many years. They also spray the inside doors, frame rails, and fenders. 

However, undercoating can be a messy job. For that reason, you should consider going to a professional applicator so your car would undergo undercoating using Noxodul. The professional applicator can evenly spray the coating so every part of the car is protected. 

You can buy Noxudol from us but you must find a trained shop to apply the product for you. The shop has applicator wands that can reach inside your panels, rails, and various hard-to-reach parts. 

Apart from undercoating your used car, it’s also vital that you clean the drain of your car. Every car has been drained to prevent water from accumulating in places that are at high risk of rust. However, the drain holes are prone to clogging from dirt, leaves, and pine needles. Clean those drains regularly. 

Furthermore, you need to wash your car regularly. Although automakers galvanized sheet metal,  sand, salt and dirt can wear away the protective finish on your car. Apart from applying an undercoat, it’s also ideal that you keep the entire car clean all the time. 

You may choose to allow your car to undergo a touch-free car wash. Here, it uses high-pressure water and not cloth, which can trap dirt causing more harm to the finish than good. Try to go to the car wash center every week or after the road is clear. Cleaning your car regularly will add decades to the lifespan of your car. 

You should ensure that you also clean the inside of your car. Keep in mind that moisture and salt in the car can easily leach through the carpets. Purchase a set of rubber floor mats that can effectively protect the floors of your car. Learn more about how to undercoat a used car by browsing our website. Or you may use our site to help you find the nearest application center.