Save your Car from Rust this Winter

4 Ways to Save your Car from Rust this Winter

We all know how rust takes a toll on our cars. The effects of rust can be at their peak during winter, hence it’s about time that we secure our cars against its ill effects of it. Just because car manufacturers offer protection against rust-through warranties, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to secure your car from rust. It is estimated that rust and corrosion will cost the US economy as much as $1.1 trillion in 2016. There are several ways by which you can prepare your car to face the winter and avoid the phenomenon of rusting. From regular cleaning to car undercoating, here are some preventive measures suggested by experts.

Clean the Drains

There are drains placed in several locations in a car. The underlying purpose of drains is to avoid water getting stagnated in places that are prone to developing rust. If such drain holes are clogged by dirt, dust, or leaves, water simply splashes and runs around instead of getting drained out. Hence pay attention to the drains and clean them regularly to prevent rust. Also, make sure to check on the drains located in the sunroof too.

Car Wash

The fact that auto manufacturers have implemented the marvels of galvanization in their cars is commendable, but such protective finishes tend to wear away in time. This is because of the dirt, mud, salt, and sand that our car collects during our travel. Hence, the best we could do in this case is to keep them clean as long as possible. But that doesn’t mean just washing your car with a splash of water. The idea is to use the undercarriage wash option to cleanse the crevices of the car with warm water. Visit a car cleaning service periodically and get it done. This can extend the life of your car as well.

Interiors are Important as Much

Cleaning your car isn’t just limited to the body, but the interiors require cleansing treatment as well. Moisture and salt can settle inside your car and can rust the floor from the inside. Purchase a set of good quality rubber floor mats, so that the floor remains protected from the salt and water that can instigate rusting. Don’t forget to vacuum the interiors regularly to remove sand from the interiors. This makes it easy for you to keep your cars clean consistently throughout winter.

Car Undercoating:

Do you know the secret behind the extended longevity of cars that have survived the harsh winters? Its car is undercoating. There are several undercoating products available in the market today. Such products, when sprayed on cars, will create a thick coating across the underside of the car. This is effective in protecting your vehicle body from salt, dust, and other particles. Some car manufacturers also offer undercoating in advance to maximize the protection of your cars, but it is suggested to use undercoating products regularly to restore this protection.

That being said, there are several benefits that come with car undercoating. They are as follows:

1. Prevention of Rust:

Of course, car undercoating is meant to prevent rust. It is ideal to apply underbody coating when the car is brand new. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for hope when it comes to used cars. Thick paints and water-based undercoats are applied to bring that extra layer of protection. This is especially useful if you happen to live near coastal areas.

2. Sound Insulation/dampening:

Thick car undercoating also serves well as sound dampeners. The absorptive nature of car undercoats helps reduce road noise and tire noise, thus making the cabin more silent.

3. Maintenance is Easy:

Undercoating can give your car a neat and well-maintained look. Car undercoating doesn’t put your car at the risk of catching rust, plus underbody coats also come with a warranty from manufacturers. Alongside car undercoating, make your car ‘winter-ready’ by checking the tire pressure and tire tread, change of oil, and replacement of wiper blades. Don’t miss out on the winter emergency kit as well. If you want to use your car for a long time, car undercoating and rustproofing are your way to go. The underside of your car is constantly exposed to mud, gravel, and dust at all times and when it comes to winter, your vehicle is even exposed to snow and road salt that can increase the chances of rusting by many folds. Now is the time to invest in car undercoating and impart effective protection for your vehicle, by all means.