Right Rust Proofing Spray

Why You Should Undercoat Your Car

Undercoating and automobile rust proofing are essential for most cars on the road. In the early years, chicken fat and asphalt were used for undercoating. However, they ended up as a big failure as the undercoat itself began to corrupt the surface of the cars.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have advanced undercoating techniques. Greases and waxes are used to undercoat cars now. These products can be easily applied by spraying, and it also gives a smooth finish.

Car undercoating is used to protect the most vulnerable areas of a car from the water. Rustproofing is done using wax because it is self-healing. Though new cars might not require undercoating or rustproofing, the old ones definitely do. Modern cars come with a warranty for rusting and they don’t rust in the first few years. This is because the material used in these cars is made of galvanized steel or some other rust-proof material. Even for rustproofing, some services offer a warranty, but this is possible only when you go for periodical checks and get your car rustproofed every year from the same dealer.

Car undercoating and rust proofing have their own positive effects, but like other systems, they must be done by a professional or an expert who has experience. Once a car is rustproof, there will be a reddish appearance on the edges, exposing the wax film.

Rustproofing might cost a few hundred dollars, but it might save thousands. A rusted car requires a lot of bodywork and fresh paint, which might cost more car undercoating and rustproofing. It is advised you get the car checked every year and opt for rustproofing or undercoating if advised by the technician.