undercoating car

Why Must You Undercoat Your Car?

Rust prevention sprays protect the car exterior from damage. Undercoating refers to the application of a protective layer to the underlayer of your vehicle. The underlayer is prone to rust as much as the exteriors and is also very difficult to clean. Some car owners tend to overlook the need for undercoating as they consider it an additional financial burden. However, a car is an expensive investment and it is highly recommended to safeguard your investment through the best possible means.

Listed here are the top three reasons why you must undercoat your car.

Moisture Passes through External Damages

Paint protects a car’s body from rusting but dents and dips on the body of the car allow moisture to pass into the interiors. Moisture reacts with the metals and ultimately results in rusting. Car owners living in areas that experience snowfall is at higher risk as to the salt from the road easily comes in contact with the underlayer of the car thus aggravating the rusting process.

An Ideal Car is Also Prone to Rusting

Idle cars when covered for a long period of time can arrest moisture under the cover. This directly affects the underlayer of the car. If you are living in a coastal region, the salt in the air can be the worst enemy for the underlayer of your vehicle.

Undercoating Acts As a Sound Dampener

Undercoating offers the unintended advantage of sound dampening for your vehicle. This allows car owners to operate the vehicle at a much lower sound level.