Rust Proof Waxing And How To Do It

What Is Rust Proof Waxing And How To Do It?

Prevention is better than cure and in case of Rust proofing, it is cheaper than getting rid of the formed rust. After spending a lot of money buying a car, it is not unusual to think rust proofing as a waste of money. Your dealer would highly recommend rustproofing your car and he might be right in this regard. Rust proofing would provide the necessary protection for your car from most of the things that we encounter in our daily lives such as water, salt, magnesium chloride (brine solutions) and other oxidants.

If you do not intend to keep your car for a long time, then it is ok to leave the car as it is without the bother of rust proofing. But keep in mind that a rust proofed car has more resale value. In the old days, rusting is considered inevitable but still people used to apply motor oil to their vehicle to avoid rust. The method of rust proofing has evolved over the years. Though the common objective of rust proofing is to prevent the metals from getting corroded, the rise in technology has gifted us with many options and we are free to choose the way that works well for us personally.

One of those ways that you could choose is a rust proof wax . This waxing substance is also called as the Cavity wax because it can penetrate through the cavities present all over the body of a car and protect them from rusting. If left unattended, these cavities allow oxidizing agents to penetrate them and rust the car. The rust proof waxing products are available at many stores and you can also get it through online. Once you get the product, follow the steps given below to rust proof it.

  • – First prepare your car by thoroughly cleaning it and allow them to dry.
  • – Cover the parts that you do not want to wax for rust proofing.
  • – Make sure that you have worn all the safety gears recommended for this type of work.
  • – Place plastic sheet under the car to avoid the spray to drip to the floor.
  • – Spray cavity wax over all the area excluding the underside that you want to rust proof using an injection pipe or extension nozzle that is usually provided with the product.
  • – Apply a thin layer of cavity wax before the application of underside wax.
  • – Leave the car untouched for 6 to 12 hours and then it is good to go.

Treat the cavities with rust proof wax once in five years but the under covering should be inspected every year.