Keeping Rust Away

Simple Tips for Keeping Rust Away

Rusting of car interiors as well as the exteriors is a common problem, especially in coastal areas. Constant exposure to UV rays makes the paint wear out quickly thus causing the car to rust. Car rusting affects the overall appearance and also lowers the resale value of the car. Here are a few tips to help you protect your car from rusting.

Proper Maintenance Helps Fight Rust Effectively

A car that is clean both on the inside and the outside has fewer chances of rusting. Wash the car once a fortnight and after every long drive across rough terrains. Wipe off food spills inside the car immediately. It is also recommended to wax the car at least once every six months.

Take Extra Care When Dealing With Salt

Living by the sea aggravates the chances of car rusting tremendously. Salt-rich air and seawater are the first foes to the good looks of your car. Also, during winters the salt on the roads and the frost in the air enhance the rusting issues. In such cases clean the car regularly and spray an appropriate lubricant over the surface.

Use of a Good Rust Inhibitor

If you are living in a coastal area or have already found traces of rust over your car, then it is highly recommended to coat your car with a suitable rust protection spray before it is too late. A wide range of rust prevention products specially manufactured for the automotive industry is available in the market today.