undercoating your car

The Importance of Undercoating Your Car

Your car is a major investment, and it should be protected! Rust can reduce the shelf life of your vehicle and so it’s vital to take steps to prevent rust from happening! You may think, “You’re driving your car on the safest road and there is no chance to get rust.” But the fact is: Even the safest drivers encounter daily challenges and any of them can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s appearance. Abrasive road salt, sticky tree sap, fine scratches left by low-hanging tree limbs — all can rub away the manufacturer’s paint and wipe away the coat on top of it. And once your vehicle’s paint begins chipping away, damaging rust isn’t far behind.

Getting ready to protect your car from rust is a smarter option to protect your investment. In this article, we’ll discuss what undercoating is and how it helps to prevent your car from corrosion & rust.

What is Undercoating?

When purchasing a new car or maintaining a used car, car owners often hear about car undercoating, and think what does it really mean? Undercoating provides an additional layer of protection or insulation to the undercarriage of a vehicle. It covers most of the car’s underside, including floorboards, pans, gas tanks, wheel wells, frame and suspension parts, mufflers, and exhaust pipes. Doing this, may in fact help extend your car’s life and utility.

Ingredients Used in Undercoating

Ingredients used in car undercoating include fiberglass, ceramics, rubber, silicone, asphalt, or petroleum. Each ingredient has different properties in terms of heat resistance, but all do offer the same level of protection against the elements of rust and corrosion.

The Pros of Undercoating

Why is car undercoating so important to all drivers and car owners? Many people live in places where seasonal changes can have a negative impact on their motor vehicles. You may think, paint is meant to protect a car’s body from the effects of rust, but dents and damage can create openings in the paint for rust to occur. For this reason, many people choose to undercoat their cars.

Since the underlayer of a car is more often exposed to the elements of the road, many drivers choose to add a layer of protection which is like a paint job underneath the vehicle. The other plus of undercoating is that it provides a car with a sound dampener that makes operating the vehicle much quieter on the road.  Everybody likes to have a quieter ride, right?

For many people, the cons of undercoating weigh more than the pros of undercoating. The main drawback of undercoating is COST. Although undercoating is costly, there are alternatives to having undercoating professionally done. Undercoating kits like Noxudol USA are sold that allow operators to undercoat their vehicles at a fraction of the professional cost.

Now we can discuss the different types of undercoating…

When having your vehicle rust-proofed or undercoating applied, you have a few points to choose from. Whether you prefer to choose a new latest method or the more tried and true method, knowing what the different options are should allow you to choose the best one for your vehicle.

Electronic Method

Using a weak electric current, this method can stop the corroding effects of rust. This method is not as much preferred by car owners and drivers. The reviews on this method are mixed, as this is a virtually new technology.

Undercoating Method

This method involves spraying a tar-based substance on the exposed parts of a vehicle’s underbody. This undercoating acts as a barrier once it hardens which keeps moisture, salt, and other corrosion triggering substances out.

Dripless Oil Spray

A wax-like substance sprayed on the entire body of the vehicle hardens once it has dried. This spray has a high viscosity which means that it does not get into all the nooks and corners of the undercarriage.

Drip Oil Spray

Drip oil sprays tend to continue to drip once applied until they dry. This dripping can last anywhere up to 48 hours after application. This is the most commonly used undercoating method. By reading this article, now you may aware of the importance of undercoating. Undercoating can be an expense you really didn’t plan on, but it is also one that can prolong the life of your car, which might save you money in the long run. A real car undercoating will make your car last longer with fewer costly repairs than you ever thought possible…