spray undercoating

How Long Will the Rust Protection Last?

Detailing your car may not be enough to protect it. Ceramic coating, graphite coating, and paint polishes are great for the car. Unfortunately, they ignore the underbody, which is the most susceptible part of your car. This is where spray undercoating becomes beneficial. 

Make Your Car Last for a Long Time with Spray Undercoating

No one will see the underbelly of your car. Even if it’s dirty, no one can see it. However, if you neglect that area of your car, it won’t last a long time. Thus, if you don’t want it to happen, then consider undercoating your car. The effect of the spray can last up to a year. But it still depends on where you live. 

Does Galvanized Car Require Undercoating? 

Many cars today come with galvanized metals. It means that they are protected against corrosion. However, if you drive in certain road conditions, then better undercoat your car or it won’t be useful anymore a few years from now. 

  • Snow. If you drive in snow, your car is susceptible to corrosion. Most road workers utilize road salt. This will clear up snow on the roads. Although salt is useful to prevent snow build-up on the snow, salt is corrosive. Because of that, you don’t want to splatter it over your car’s underbody. It’s one reason many car dealers offer to undercoat cars before they leave their lot. 
  • Coastal region. If you’re driving frequently in the coastal region, then you’ll be dealing with cars’ enemies — salt and humidity. Driving your car on a beach regularly will make the situation worse because of the salty humid air. 
  • Offroad. The car’s underbody will suffer a lot when you off-road it. The reason for this is that you’ll be driving in loose gravel and big rocks, which are not good for your car. Your car’s underbody will be scrapped. Furthermore, each part of the car will be covered in mud making it difficult to wash. Thus, if you’ll be using your car off-road, then make sure to get its underbody treated with anti-rust protection. 

Do You Want Extra Protection? 

Your car’s metallic part may be galvanized but, as mentioned earlier, it’s not enough to protect it from rust formation. Because roads are unpredictable, it’s ideal that you’re on the safer side. You want the underbody to be coated with anti-rust to provide an extra layer of protection.

The Easiest Way to Apply Anti-Rust? 

The most popular and easiest way to apply to undercoat is to spray it. Noxudol comes in a spray form so you can easily apply it all over the underbody. Although it’s easy to apply, you need to go to a professional mechanic to apply the product properly. 

spray undercoating

Make the Right Decision Now 

Your car is an expensive investment. If you want to treat it that way, then it’s just understandable to provide an extra layer of protection against rust. Shop for spray undercoating today here or give us a call to know about the nearest application centers: 800-997-6536