Rust Proofing Your Cars

Here’s What You Need to Know about Rust Proofing Your Car

Car dealers have a nice way of embellishing their sales pitch. When you are buying a car, they will add incentives to make the deal look better than it can ever get. One thing in a car purchase deal that makes a lot of sense is rustproofing. You might not know it, but the investment you make by protecting your car will pay off big time especially when you want to sell.

Why Invest in Rust Proofing?

Rustproofing spray might look like an extra cost but considering the damage caused by rust on steel parts, you can bet it is worth every dollar. In areas near the ocean, rusting is more intense and your car will suffer from the corrosion much faster. During winter, salt is used on the roads and cars are more prone to rusting. Prevention against rust makes a lot of economic sense, as it maintains the value of your car. When you want to resell, buyers will always look for any signs of rust before walking away.

Types of Rust Proofing Solutions

The rust protection systems used at the turn of the 20th century were largely ineffective. Chicken oil and asphalt are just some of the strange solutions that were in use. Today, advances in technology have helped to develop highly efficient rust treatments. Rust inhibitor spray is one of the new systems in use and it helps to protect areas that an undercoat cannot reach. These include windows, wires, doors, and chassis among others.

Among some of the popular rustproofing products are:

  • Electronic devices: A device that uses a weak current to prevent rusting.
  • Undercoating: This is the most common solution, especially for new cars. Your dealer will use sophisticated equipment to apply the undercoat to the undercarriage. The tar-based products gel in place and protect your car for a long time. It is important to get annual checks in case of cracks.
  • Dripless rustproofing spray: A wax-like solution used for cavities. You need to drill holes at specific points to make it effective.
  • Drip oil spray: This is a popular option as the drip oil can penetrate more areas. The oil continues to drip for some time after application, but once it dries the protection works perfectly.

Buying the Right Rust Proofing Product

There are many brands specializing in rustproofing. Before buying any rust prevention spray, read reviews and testimonials about the reliability of the particular brand. It is advisable to use recognizable brands whose reliability is proven in the auto industry. More importantly, go for a brand that has a strong reputation in the industry. When buying rust inhibitor spray, ensure you get all the relevant information including the application procedure. Your car is a big investment and requires the best maintenance possible. Don’t overlook rust proofing lest your investment falls apart as you watch.