Noxudol 300

Do You Still Need the Rust Protection of Noxudol 300?

Vehicles now have more advanced features. Despite that, one thing remains true. Cars are still prone to rust. Hence, the need to use rust protection like Noxudol 300

What is Noxudol 300? 

It’s undercoating without solvents. Although it’s designed to protect cars from rust, you can also use it as storage protection for machine parts, steel constructions, etc. This product can effectively help your car stay protected from rust formation. 

Why is Rust Problematic? 

Cars are made of steel but not “Valyrian” steel. If you don’t take care of your vehicle, rust can form and demolish your prized possession. Without proper protection and treatment, your car can become worthless metal over time. But you can stop it from happening by being proactive. There are preventive measures that will guarantee full protection of your vehicle from rush damage. 

How Rust Forms in the Car? 

Rust forms as a result of oxidation. Your car is made of iron. And iron when it comes in contact with water and moisture can turn into iron oxide. The car industry has used several methods to slow down rust formation in cars. But rusting can’t be totally eliminated. It’s still inevitable. As a car owner, there are things you can do to delay or prevent the formation. One is to inspect it regularly. And make sure to apply for car rust protection once a year or every other year. 

What Kind of Rust Form in Your Car? 

Surface rust is a type of rust that affects the top layer of the car. Fortunately, you can easily remove it. The scale rust, on the other hand, can’t be easily eliminated without first eliminating the surface rust. If you don’t treat it, it can corrode the panels and strip the paint. 

The most dangerous type is penetrating rust. It develops if you allow surface and scale rust to flourish. Without proper intervention, it eats away at your car’s parts and panel. It can also compromise the integrity of your vehicle. 

Preventing Rust 

As mentioned, rust can still form in your car no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. But you can prevent or delay it from happening by rustproofing your car. You don’t have to leave your car in a shop just to have it sprayed with rustproofing products. With the use of Noxudol products, the application can be done in an hour or so. You can take your car in less than a day. 

However, before application, it’s vital to remove the rust first. If you don’t, it’s useless to apply this product because the rust will continue to damage your vehicle. Talk to your mechanic about how to eliminate the rust that has already formed in your car. Once the rust has been eliminated, Noxudol can be applied not just to the affected parts but to all vulnerable areas. 

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