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DIY Car Rust Protection Check: Protection for Your Car and Better Rustproofing Quotes

If you’re considering protecting your car from rust, instead of rushing to professional help, try conducting a simple car rust protection inspection yourself. Not only will this save you both time and money, but it will also equip you with the necessary information to seek accurate quotes from application centers. 

By performing a basic rust inspection, you can easily spot the problematic areas that require attention. So, why wait? Let’s begin your rust inspection journey today!

Why Noxudol for Car Rust Protection

Noxudol is a superior line of undercoating, rustproofing cars, and spray products manufactured and engineered to provide excellent protection to all motor vehicles. We offer application centers across the U.S.

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Step 1: Gather Your Tools

  • Flashlight or work light
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Creeper or cardboard to lie on (optional)

Step 2: Know Where to Look for Car Rust

  • Undercarriage: Pay close attention to the frame, suspension parts, and exhaust.
  • Wheel Wells: These areas trap moisture and debris, accelerating rust.
  • Door Frames and Rocker Panels: Inspect the bottom edges and seams.
  • Trunk and Hood: Look closely around latches and hinges.

Step 3: Identifying Rust Damage

  • Surface Rust: Appears as brownish, flaky patches.
  • Scale Rust: Deeper, pitting corrosion that requires more attention.
  • Holes or Perforations: These signal major structural concerns and need immediate professional help.

Step 4: Document Your Findings

  • Take clear photos of any problem areas you find.
  • Make notes about the location and severity of the rust.
  • Contact a Noxudol application center and share your photos and notes for a tailored rustproofing plan.

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