Cavity Wax

A Complete Guide to Understanding Cavity Wax

Most people believe that rust spoils only the aesthetic appeal of a car. However, rust can indeed eat away the most functional parts of the vehicle, bring down its performance, and erode the asset into useless metal scrap.

How to stay away from rust?

From cleaning the car interiors and exteriors regularly and after every long road trip to inspecting the susceptible areas for traces of rust often, there are multiple ways to keep the rust away. One such effective way to prevent car rust is the use of cavity wax.

What is cavity wax and how does it help in preventing rust?

While rustproofing a car, vehicle owners tend to overlook the cavities present on the body of the car. Since the cavities are deep and enclosed, abrasion may not be potential trouble. But these cavities can easily retain moisture and thus allow the formation of rust. Cavity wax (also referred to as a rustproof wax) is used to treat body cavities of a car and prevent rust formation by displacing the moisture content from the cavities.

Is cavity wax an absolute necessity?

Yes. No rust-proofing method pays special attention to cavities of the car’s body and the best cavity wax is spray atomized, reaches out to the narrowest places easily, and removes all chances of rust. Apart from fighting rust, cavity wax can also protect the vehicle from paint chipping off or any other damage caused by normal wear and tear.

Do all cars need cavity wax?

Yes. Any average driver in a small city wishes to protect his vehicle from rust. By sealing the crevices of the car, the cavity wax protects the vehicle from moisture, dust, grime, and salt from the snow-clad roads. If you are planning for a long road trip and believe you will be exploring different types of land terrains, then opt for cavity wax even without a second thought. All heavy-duty vehicles and commercial trucks, tractors, and camper trailers must be subjected to cavity wax treatment for the prolonged life of the vehicle. Ignoring the importance of cavity wax can lead to car owners spending too much money in dealing with car damage in the long run.

How to apply cavity wax to the car?

The cavity wax application can be completed at home with the right set of tools and the best cavity wax available on the market. Before the application process commences, the car owner must have the protective gloves on and must ensure that the floor beneath the car is well-protected too. Since we cannot see the inner surface of the cavity, the cavity wax must fill up the crevices until the wax starts to drip out. Cavity wax prevents rust permanently when applied right and prolongs the life of the care by many, many years too.