Car Rust Protection

All-about Car Rust Protection

Car rust protection is vital for longevity of car’s metallic body. There are different techniques of rust proofing your car. The ideal method of protection your car from rusting depends on car’s body type and your comfort. Following you can read about the best ways to protect car’s body and choose the one that suits you.

Tar Based Spray

This kind of spray is black in color. It is best for protecting lower body of the car. The spray covers the segments around the wheel and under the car. The liquid solidifies into a permanent protecting layer. It is essential to cover the car properly. If there is a crack in the protecting layer then it is likely to rust.

Drip Less Oil Spray

This rust proof spray is similar to tar based except it is colorless. This spray protects car body just like tar based spray. The only drawback is that it cannot reach slim corners because of its thickness. Any exposed part of the metal body is prone to rusting.

Drip Oil Spray

This is the best rust proof spray for cars. It is thin and spreads out eventually to all the parts of the car body. It is advisable to re-apply this spray on the car once in a year for best results. The car dips the spray for a day or two after rust proofing.

The decision to rust proof or not depends on how long you intend to keep your car. If you are willing to keep your car for years then a little investment in rust proofing is advisable.