Car from Rust

Tips To Protect Your Car from Rust

Have you got a new car lately? Well, that’s great but you should be careful to ensure proper rust protection for your car to guarantee a lengthy life-span for it. Rust is almost like the rashes and spread really fast, if not checked in time. Thus, you have to be cautious about car rust proofing measures for your vehicle.

General maintenance

  •   – Take care to wash the car after every couple of weeks. But follow the process once in 7 days in case it’s wet with road-salt. Salt hastens the process of rusting by a great extent.
  •   – You have to wax the car once in 4 months minimum.
  •   – Clean the car interior as well. Wipe out any spilled liquid on the car body or inside, immediately. The more the fluid tends to stay on your car, faster is the chance of rusting.
  •   – If the car is regularly exposed to salt, you have to go for a thorough cleaning frequently followed by professional paint coats to prevent rust formation.

Rust prevention sprays

You should be careful to buy a rust prevention spray for your car. At times professional painting is not enough to prevent rust formation and hence you would need specialized car rust prevention spray. These sprays will form a soft layer on the car body that will harden up to guard the vehicle with anti-corrosive waxy protection. You will get rust protection sprays for both the exposed and enclosed areas of your car. It’s the rust that you cannot see that is worse.