Technical Data

A sprayable water base thermal insulation coating based on polymer and fillers.

Due to its low thermal conductivity the dry film protects against condense formation.

The Noxudol X9 offers an unrivaled level of performance and benefits.

Technical Data:
Color White
Density 960 ± 30kg/m
Dry Content 56± 2%
Flash Point >100ºC
Cleaning Water
Applying Method Sprayer, Brush, Roller
Applying Temperature 60.8 -86ºF (16-30ºC)
Film Thickness 1-3mm
Consumption of Material 0.31-0.82lbs/ft² (1.5-4kg/m²)
Storing Temperature 35.6 – 86ºF (+2 – +30ºC)
Storing Time 12 Months
Thermal Conductivity 0.085 W/mK ASTM C177