Thermal Insulation Products

A sprayable water base thermal insulation coating based on polymer and fillers. Due to its low thermal conductivity the dry film protects against condense formation. The coating is manufactured to provide the most exceptional thermal insulation and condensation protection to metal and plastic.

The distinctive dry thin film thickness delivers excellent thermal insulating capabilities. Today many customers prefer to use Noxudol X9 over the blanket type insulation products. The sprayable coating is easier to apply, lighter and most important environmental friendly.

The Noxudol X9 offers an unrivaled level of performance and benefits.

Product Benefits:

  • Water-Base
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding Adhesion
  • 1 part component
  • Saves Installation Time
  • Easy to Apply

Range of Applications & Industries:

  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Machinery
  • Steel Columns
  • Walls
  • Ducts