Technical Data

A sprayable water base fire protection compound manufactured to withstand high temperatures. It has proven that can withstand extreme temperatures for more than 1 hour. Due to its exceptional composition Noxudol 999 prevents and controls the transmission of fire to reach the substrate.

Technical Data:
Type of Film Solid After Drying
Color Grey
Density 960 ± 30kg/m
Dry Content 67± 2%
Flash Point >100ºC
Cleaning Water
Applying Method Sprayer, Brush, Roller
Applying Temperature 60.8 -86ºF (16-30ºC)
Film Thickness 0.40 -0.10in / 2.5mm up
Consumption of Material 0.31-0.82lbs/ft² (1.5-4kg/m²)
Storing Temperature 35.6 – 86ºF (+2 – +30ºC)
Storing Time 12 Months
Thermal Conductivity 0.153 W/mºC