Noxudol UM-1600 Product Information

Noxudol UM-1600

Highly thixotropic underbody coating


Noxudol UM-1600 is a highly thixotropic, fiber
reinforced product, based on bitumen, waxes
and low aromatic solvent.

Range of application

Noxudol UM-1600 is a durable anticorrosive
to be used under the fender, wheelhouse and
on the remainder of the underbody, where
extra effective protection is required. When
applied in thicker layers it also provides a
good sound damping effect.

Instructions for use

Make sure that the surface is dry and free
from oil, dirt and rust. Apply Noxudol UM1600
on a dry surface with low pressure
(airmix) 1:3 equipment, spray gun or brush to
the vehicle underbody and wheelhouse. We
recommend to prime rusty surfaces with
Noxudol 750 / Mercasol 831 ML. Apply
several layers with Noxudol UM-1600 when a
powerful rust protection is needed


31501511 / 1-lit can (12 pcs/pack.)
31500408 / 20-lit can

Technical data

Color: Black
Consistency: High thixotropic
Type of film: Elastic
Density at 20° C: 1000 ± 40 kg/m³
Dry content: 70 ± 5 %
Solvents: White spirit
Film thickness: 0,5 – 1,5 mm
Application temperature: 15 – 25° C
Removal with: Wash with a degreaser based on white spirit, detergent or alkali
Storing time: 24 months
Storing temperature: 5 – 35 ° C
Drying time: Approx. 12-24 h (Surface dry at +20°C)

For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package