Noxudol 900 Black Product Information

Noxudol 900 Black

Underbody coating


Noxudol 900 is a thixotropic, chemically stabilized product consisting of bitumen, waxes, rust inhibitors and solvents. The product is used on the underside of the vehicle and offers preventive rust protection and reliable abrasion protection.

Range of application

Noxudol 900 is especially composed for car
underbody and can be applied by
conventional high-pressure pumps in different
thicknesses. The product gives a good
anticorrosive protection, de-icing salt
protection and some abrasion protection
depending on thickness applied. Noxudol 900
is also suitable for long time outdoor storing
of industrial products, for example untreated
steel surfaces, machines etc

Instructions for use

Make sure that the surface is dry and free
from oil, dirt and rust. Equipment for airless
high pressure spraying 1:26> is
recommended for treatment of car under
bodies and fenders. The product can also be
brushed on. Areas with rust should be treated
with Noxudol 750 / Mercasol 831 ML before
in order to achieve best result possible. Apply
several layers of Noxudol 900 where
increased protection is required. The car is
ready for usage immediately after application


30000095 / 500 ml spray (12 pcs/pack.)
30000511 / 1-lit can (12 pcs/pack.)
30001405 / 5-lit can
30000408 / 20-lit can
30000701 / 60-lit drum
30000721 / 208-lit drum

Technical data

Color: Black
Consistency. Thixotropic
Type of film: Elastic, dry film
Density: 1000 ± 20 kg/m³
Dry content: 68 ± 3 %
Solvent: White spirit
Film thickness: 150 – 350 µm
Application temperature: 15 – 25° C
Removal with: White spirit or degreasing compound
Storing time: 12 months
Storing temperature: < 35° C
Drying time: Approx. 12-24 h (Surface dry at +20°C)

For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package