Noxudol 300 Product Information

Noxudol 300

Solventfree underbody coating


Noxudol 300 is a solvent free thick bodied anti corrosive, thixotropic and chemical rust preventive product enhanced with rust protective infusions. The absent of solvents makes the drying
chemical, which means that the drying period will start after approx. 24 hours. The film will be dried completely after 3-7 days, depending on temperature and film thickness

Range of application

Noxudol 300 is intended to use as rust protection for the chassis of the vehicle. The material is very effective even when applied in thin layers and it can with advantage be used at components under the car. Noxudol 300 can also be used as transportation and outdoor storage protection for industrial products such as machines, machine parts and steal constructions.

The material gives a good protection against deicing salt and it is water and moisture repellent.

Instructions for use

Start by cleaning the surface carefully, preferably with high pressure wash. Make sure the surface is dry before application. Apply with high pressure pump (airless), spray gun or brush.
It is recommended to apply several layers of Noxudol 300 where increased protection is needed. Do not expose the chassis to heavy water splashes the first 24 hours after treatment.
The material takes longer time to dry in compares to solvent based products.

The applied material may therefore drip the first day around high temperature areas such as exhaust pipe or engine. Take this into consideration when choosing parking place.


37300511 / 500-ml spray (12 pcs/box)
37300408 / 20-lit
37300701 / 60-lit
37300721/ 208-lit

Technical data

Colour: Black
Consistency. Thixotropic
Type of film: Vaxy
Density at 20° C: 1090 ± 20 kg/m³
Dry content: > 97 %
Volatiles solvents:: < 0,5 %
Film thickness: 100 – 350 µm
Application temperature: 15 – 35° C
Removal with: Renox Milieu or white spirit
Nozzle size: >0,011
Storing time: 12 months
Storing temperature <35° C
For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package