Noxudol 1100 Product Information

Noxudol 1100

Water based wear protection coating


Noxudol 1100 is a waterborne wear protection paste based on polymers and fillers. After drying it forms a solid and elastic film.

Range of application

Noxudol 1100 is a wear protection paste intended for car bodies, tin roofs and walls, iron constructions etc. Noxudol 1100 has a very good adhesion and rust proofing qualities. The dry film protects against damages caused by flying stones, ice and other mechanical wear.

Instructions for use

Noxudol 1100 may only be applied on carefully cleaned surfaces. Untreated surfaces of steel in moist environment must be primed before treatment. To apply Noxudol 1100 use an airmix gun for 1 litre canister, high-pressure pump (airless) 1:26> or a brush. To achieve an effective wear protection, apply a smooth layer of 0,2 – 0,5 mm dry film, the thickness depending on the basis. The film thickness will also influence the drying time, normally 3-5 hours at room temperature. At lower temperatures or high humidity the drying time will increase considerably.

The product sets in two steps. First the water evaporates, and then a chemical hardening takes place during the next 5-10 days, depending on the temperature. After the first step, the evaporation, the film is dry, manageable and has already a protecting effect of approximately 80%. This effect increases during the chemical hardening. After the chemical hardening, Noxudol 1100 can be top coated with most
paints. A practical test has to be done first on a smaller area to make sure that the material withstands the paint. Avoid using stronger solvents or
strong water based alkaline cleaning products.


39511511 / 1-lit canister ( 12 pieces per pack.)
39510548 / 20-lit can
39510731 / 208-lit barrel

Technical data

Colour: Black
Consistency: Thixotropic
Type of film: Solid after drying
Density at 20° C: 1280 ± 30 kg/m³
Dry content: 62 ± 2 %
Film thickness: 0,2 – 0,5 mm dry film/applic
Applying temperature: 15 – 25° C
Removal: Renox milieu
Storing time: 12 months
Storing temperature: 5 – 35° C

For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package.