Protect Your Car From Rusting

Do You Find It Hard To Protect Your Car From Rusting? Here Are Some Rust Protection Tips…

Rust is unsightly, unsafe and undesirable. It can degrade your car’s looks and depreciate its value. Preventing rust is far easier than removing it. To stop rust before it starts, follow these rust prevention tips.

1. Keep your car clean. Wash your car every two weeks, once a week if it is wet with the salt on roads.

2. Wash the underside of your car or use automatic washers with underside spray. This is most important during winters when salt is applied on the roads.

3. Keep the inside clean as well. Be sure to clean up after any spills as they can start rust from inside.

4. Wax your car regularly. It will protect it against contaminants.

5. Unclog any drain holes in the frame, body panels and any other area of the vehicle.

6. Fix chips in the car paint before it starts to rust.

7. Open the doors of your car after you wash. So that water doesn’t get trapped.

8. Keep the proper coolant ratio in your car. Using too much water in your radiator increases the chances of corrosion in your cooling system.

9. Examine your car for rust often.

10. The main areas to look for rust are the engine and trunk, the undercarriage and the external painted parts.

With these tips, stop rust on car and protect it.